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Fairfield school's field trip to Java is recorded in this website called Crossing Boundaries. Especially interesting are the topical pages on the Geography, People, and Conservation efforts going on in Java.

Here is the 1995 World Factbook page on Indonesia.

Here are some Lonely Planet links: Destination Indonesia, Destination Bali, Destination Java, Destination Sumatra, and Destination Lombok.

Steve's most excellent adventure in Indonesia -- a travelogue.

Here's some information on East Timor.

This same site has some additional info on the Maubere Culture of Timor.

Here's a site called the Indonesian Travel Information Network.

Here's a site about Jakarta.

Here's what Yahoo has to say about Indonesia.

This site is full of Travel and Cultural Information on Indonesia.

Here is a link to an article on Censorship in Indonesia.

And here are some updates and travel tips about Indonesia also from Lonely Planet.

Here's a site called Go Indonesia.

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