Amount of Lea & Perrins Worchestershire "gulped down" by the 5.5 million people of El Salvador each year: 450 tons

Amount for every man, woman, and child, per year: 2.5 ounces

"...'It's just ingrained in us, don't ask me why,' says Patricia Lopez, head of sales for a local restaurant chain. The table of portly President Armando Calderon Sol is said to be incomplete without a bottle. A donkey-powered distribution network kept rebels in the remote province of Morazan in stock during the nation's 12-year guerrilla war..."
[Source: Wall Street Journal, page A-1, 22 July 1996]

Number of coconut palm trees in the Kerala district of India: 200 million

Number of coconuts in annual coconut crop in Kerala: 5 billion

[Source: Reuters article dated 12-Feb-96]

Total number of islands that make up Indonesia: 13,667

Number of years it would take to visit all of them, if you visited one per day: 37.4

[Source: Fodor's netTravel, ISBN-0-679-77033-X, p103]

Typical lifespan for a mature coconut palm tree, in years: 100

Typical height for the tallest coconut palm trees, in feet: 100

Typical annual yield of coconuts for one tree: 50

Number of years a typical tree can produce its fruit: 75

Total number of "millionaire's salads" that can be made from one coconut palm tree: 1

"Millionaire's salad is made by shredding the growth cut from the heart of the tree. For each salad, a fully mature tree must be sacrificed."

[Source: Fiji Islands Handbook, Fourth Ed., Moon Publications, ISBN 1-56691-038-2, p72]

Number of islands that make up the Republic of Maldives: 1192

Total size, in square miles, of all of the Maldives islands combined: 115

Total size, in square miles, of the US State of Rhode Island: 1545

Number of people, per square mile, in Maldives: 2272

Number of people, per square mile, in Los Angeles: 2248

[Sources: Maldives, a Lonely Planet travel book, 1993, ISBN 0-86442-187-7;
and World Almanac 96, ISBN 0-88687-780-6]

Highest point above sea level, in feet, in the Maldives: 5

Estimated number of years that many of the islands of the Maldives have left before being swallowed up by rising ocean levels (thanks to the greenhouse effect): 30

[Source: Lonely Planet's Maldives book]

Total gross domestic product of Republic of Maldives, per 365 days: $143 million

Total box office gross, in first 18 days of release, of the 1996 movie TWISTER: $144 million

[Sources: Lonely Planet's Maldives book; Reuters]

Number of coconuts harvested just in the Philippines, each year: 12 billion

[Source: from Market Asia journal, Volume 2, Issue 3 (July/August 1995)]

Estimated number of years, at present investment levels, it will take just to get twenty (20) per-cent of the entire populations of Papua New Guinea and Western Samoa to have telephones: 180

[Source: An interesting article by Dr. Michael Ogden found here.]

Estimated number of land mines the UN says are ready to explode in Angola: 10 to 20 million

[Source: A disturbing article from the United Nations, available here.]

Number of different, non-European languages spoken in the Pacific nation of Vanuatu: 105

[Source: Lonely Planet's VANUATU tour book, 2nd ed.]

Number of people it sometimes takes to carry one yam on Pohnpei in Micronesia: 12

Typical weight, in pounds, of the largest yams on Pohnpei: 1500

Typical length, in feet: 10

[Source: Lonely Planet's MICRONESIA book, 3rd ed., p125]

Number of millimeters per year Vanuatu is moving towards the Australian tectonic plate: 42

Number of centimeters per year Tonga is moving east-southeast: 2.05

[Source: A University of Texas study. ]

Rank, in the world, for the divorce rate of Maldives: 1

Number of times a "not uncommon" number of Maldivian men have been married: 20

"All the man has to do is say 'I divorce you' or words to that effect, three times in quick succession; notify the local minister or gazi; and that's the end of the marriage...Many couples are married one day and divorced the next. He'll go fishing and that's the last she sees of him."
[Source: Lonely Planet's Maldives travel survival kit]


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