Coconuts in Hawaiian History

The Bishop Museum in Hawaii is a wonderful place to visit if you get a chance to go to Honolulu. It's also on the Web, and they've put together some very informative pages about ancient Hawaii. Coconuts figured heavily in ancient Hawaiian society, and here are some links to some of the Bishop Museum's pages:

Here is a Bishop page on The Mauloa Canoe --- made out of a single koa tree, and "lashed with coconut cordage"...

Here's a Bishop exhibit on Voyaging Provisions.

And here is a page called Plants of the Past -- a Bishop Museum exhibit on what plants the ancient Hawaiians brought with them to Hawaii.

The Hawaii Nation organization has put together a wonderful, award-winning page called The 24 Canoe Plants of Ancient Hawaii. Check it out.

This page on Hawaiian/Polynesian Facts lists at least 16 different ways the coconut and coconut palm were used in Old Hawaii.