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Coconut Kudos is COCONUT's independent rating guide for quality websites covering topics of interest to COCONUT readers. We welcome your suggestions and comments --- tell us about a site you like (or don't like) and we'll review it.

Four-Coconut Sites

For a site to achieve Four-Coconuts it must be thorough, lots of images and maps (if appropriate), covering the people, the place, the history, the current situation, the economy, the geography, the culture, and local customs and traditions, the local language, and travel information. It must be well-researched and well-designed and its contents shall be deep, timely, and easily-accessible. In a coco-nutshell, a four-coconut site is the best site on the whole Web for its subject matter and the first place one should look for information on its subject. There are only a few sites that meet all of these criteria. If you find one, let us know!

Pitcairn Island Web Site.
A definite four-coconut site if there ever was one. History, geography, the lives and times of the 60 or so people who live there... this site has such a wealth of information about Pitcairn, it simply boggles the mind.

RMI Online
RMI Online is about as definitive as one could ask for, for information on the Marshall Islands. A quite different organization than most of the other four-coconut pages; RMI Online attempts to organize everything into one very long page. Check it out. (August 1996)

Dominica Online
Dolphin Software, a computer consulting company run by Steve McCabe on Dominica, has created a superb web site called Dominica Online. Check it out. Everything you could possibly want or need to know about Dominica finds its way onto this site. Steve's got information on Alternative Medicine, Arts and Crafts, Business, Car Hire, Conference Centres, Diving and Whale Watching, Duty Free Shopping, Events, Indigenous Peoples, Information Technology, Insurance, Maps, Miscellaneous, Mountain Biking, Music, News, Organisations, Other Links, Sports Fishing, Travel Agents, Video/Film Production, Where To Dine, What To Do, Where To Stay.... whew! Perhaps what gives this site its air of authenticity is the fact that its author lives there... (August 1996)

The Kiribati Home Page

Jonathan Willis-Richards has a wonderful site about the little-known Pacific island nation of Kiribati. In it he's collected information on Kiribati basic facts; books and stories; history; communications; arts and crafts; news and newspapers; politics; language and customs; the people of Kiribati; the islands; commerce and taxation; economics and development; government, law, and labour; ecology and environment; religion and mythology; and travel. This website is comprehensive but simple and easy to navigate. (August 1996)

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