The Taste of Money: The Kava Market Takes Off
The herbal drink of the Pacific Island cultures is making its way to the USA in the form of "nutriceuticals". And some marketers plan to make millions on the boom.

Zulu Coconuts of New Orleans

A scan of the Web finds a brief mention of something called "Zulu Coconuts" in New Orleans. A few phone calls later, we learn a whole lot about why coconuts have an important place in New Orleans history...

The Coconut Pearl: Rarest Botanical Gem in the World

Dr. Wayne P. Armstrong of Palomar College has a fascinating website all about Natural History. From this site comes an article on Coconut Pearls. Are they really for real?

Adventures of Buying Art in Hawaii

In laid-back Hanapepe, we come across a little art gallery housed in an old converted gas station. Out front, a shelf-full of "Coconut Postcards". We had to find out more...

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